Atwater Federal Prison Intelligence Report

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Captured in this Prison Intel Report is over 25 combined years of experience from high-profile, white-collar federal prisoners. Get informed now.

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Never before has there been accurate and accessible intelligence available to the public as to what's really going on inside the belly of any specific federal prison in the United States . . . that is, until now. Need intel about the level of violence inside a specific prison? Concerned about family visits and telephone access inside a specific prison? What about the truth about inmate medical care or drug rehabilitation programs like RDAP? You have one chance to get it right. So get it right here. There's no better teacher than real experience. Well, we've actually being there. So you'll get it right from those of us with firsthand experience. Now you, your family members, and even your defense attorney can receive up-to-date facts, figures and true-to-life details about the inner-workings of any federal prison, on demand, from your computer, details specifying what a new prisoner can expect when he or she is faced with serving time at any one of America's 120 federal prison facilities, be it a minimum-security prison camp, or a low-security FCI, or a high-security USP. Download your specific federal prison report today.